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“A joke a day keeps the blues away … ! Over 1000 of the
best jokes and stories ever told in the Ozarks!”


Ozark Laughter - 1000 Famous Jokes & StoriesOzark Laughter - 1000 Famous Jokes & Stories - by Bob Hinds - Softcover - 104 pages - ISBN 097258871X - Illustrated

From the author, Bob Hinds:

“These stories were told around campfires, and pot-bellied stoves; on fishing trips, at a gathering of fox hunters, on the bench of the spit and whittle club, and at just about any occasion where Ozarkers would get together.

Now, they are heard at coffee shops, community gatherings, the sale barn, the barber shop, or even the hair dressers, but it is still the same style of Ozark humor that has lasted for over a century.

At gatherings, while telling stories, I am constantly urged to write them down so that they can be handed down as part of our legacy here in the Ozarks. So here are a few of the better stories that I remember.

Having this book on hand will be especially good for businessmen, salesmen, speakers, emcees, at the coffee shop, or anyone in the business of meeting or speaking to people. Now you can easily have a good story or quip for just about any occasion.

“Laughter is the jam on the toast of life. It adds flavor, keeps it from being too dry, and makes it easier to swallow!”


Ozark Laughter - 1000 Famous Jokes & Stories


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